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AMERICA/VENEZUELA - Opening of the Assembly of Bishops, Mgr. Padrón Sánchez: national reconciliation and amnesty for political prisoners

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Posted on: 01/11/16
Caracas - His Exc. Mgr. Diego Rafael Padrón Sánchez, Archbishop of Cumaná and President of the Venezuelan Episcopate opened yesterday the Plenary Assembly of the Episcopal Conference.
In his speech he offered a panorama of the universal church by highlighting the key points that contribute to the life of the church in Venezuela: the Synod of the Family, the Jubilee of mercy, the Encyclical Laudato Sě, the Pope’s visit to the Church of America.
At the end, Mgr. Padrón Sánchez, spoke about the situation in Venezuela: the political process after December 6: "It is totally against despotism, militarism, arbitrariness and corruption", he said. "It is a starting point to retrieve the rule of law, the renovation and reorganization of the State, the revision of national and international policies, their agreements and negotiations. But above all, it is a victory of the people's will that want a real change regarding freedom, justice, human rights, health, safety, economy..."
"The new National Assembly has to give satisfactory answers, not because it has to change economy, but because it will have to correct the errors and irregular procedures. Measures that contribute to national reconciliation are needed, such as an amnesty for political prisoners and the return of exiles. All this will lead to laws that correct economic policies and will punish corruption", he concluded.


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